Wednesday, 23 November 2011

The Plan

Well, I've figured out how to get my old printer to work on my new computor so I have been able to scan the plan for my new layout, sorry it's not very clear

It's a 4 car garage, approx. 14 x 7m, that will be partitioned so 1 single garage can be used for my car. Across the bottom is Wang (loosely based on Wallerawang, just west of Lithgow) and the main line will follow the wall around to the top, where a condensed (but prototypically correct) version of Tarana will be. The main will continue around onto a peninsular, to staging loops. Also from Tarana the Oberon branch will leave and rise above the staging loops on the peninsular, and once it's gained enough height, will cross the lower aisle to above Wang, it will the follow the wall around the room and terminate above Tarana. The room in the bottom left will have a loco depot, with the main continuing behind and down to more staging loops. the rest of this area will be a workshop.

As stated, Tarana and the branch will be as close to prototypical as possible in the available space, Wang will have all the track from the prototype, but with a couple of Fuel sidings (based on western prototypes) and the milk depot that used to exist in Lithgow. I am still considering having a wheat silo but am still deciding. These extra sidings are so that the shunting engine (26 Class) has more to do. It will also have the coal stage on the main, that once existed in Lithgow. The Loco depot won't be based on any particular prototype but will have a75' TT, roundhouse, similar to Valley heights, ash siding under Arr/Dep roads and some coal storage roads.

I intend to use code 83 flextrack for the main, code70 for the branch and Fast Tracks, no. 6 turnouts and slips and of course it will run on DCC.

My main problem now is layout height. I like eye level viewing, and Oberon will be at a height of about 1.7m, but I would like Wang to be at desk height (900mm), which means I'm going to have to use a spiral on the peninsular. This can be done in 2 ways, firstly, use a normal spiral in the centre, or secondly, I could keep looping it around having it all sceniced until the required height is reached. Now, this sounds good except that I don't like the spaghetti look, any suggestions?

Well that's enough for now, my eyes are starting to hurt:(
More updates soon

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

My new layout

G'day all,

I have just moved into a new house and am planning a new layout called Wang. I just discovered this blogging thing and how easy it is so I've decided to share this story with anyones who's interested.  Maybe a little bit about myself would be nice, so I'm a 41yr old single dad and have been modelling since I was given a train set when I was about 5. I stopped while I was in high school cause girls distracted me, but have been modelling ever since. I model N.S.W steam in the 40 & 50's, so mainly steam, in HO Scale. I use to be a member of the Warrimoo Model railway club. I have built about 5 or 6 layouts but none have gotten to the scenic stage. Here are some photos of my previous layout.

my first attempt at scenery

Wang is based on the line from Wallerawang to Tarana and the branch line to Oberon. The branch will climb up to a second level and will include both stations, Carlwood and Hazelgrove. Wang will be based on Wallerawang but will have a loco depot and a few extra sidings for some added shunting. I have designed the shed and the layout, (plans of which I'll post in the future) but as I can't start looking for work til next year it may take a while for the layout to begin. Until then, I'll be building more kits and finishing off the ones I have. I also have a 75' turntable which I'm scratchbuilding

I need more practice soldering

Well I guess that's it for my first post. I hope you enjoy my journey. Stayed tuned